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The Preferred Choice

Regupol® Acoustic Underlays have been preferred by architects, project engineers and acoustic engineers for many years. ABS West supplies Regupol® Acoustic Underlay which provides sound insulation in excess of required standards. 

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Significant Noise Reduction and Easy Installation

Regupol® Impact Sound insulation is easy to install, regardless of whether required in commercial or privately used buildings.  The acoustic underlay offers structural heights to accommodate various circumstances (3-17mm), while being extremely resilient and durable. Irrespective of the top layer, whether it be laminate, wood, tiles or screed, Regupol® acoustic products significantly reduce impact sound in living and working environments.  For example, if the acoustic underlay is deployed beneath laminate, sounds at the surface in the frequency range of 500-2000Hz are reduced by 25%. 

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Strata Noise: multi-storey buildings

Do you live in an apartment and would like to consider installing a hard floor finish? Timber floors, marble, ceramic tiles and stone are popular and attractive floor surfaces, however, in apartments or other multi-storey buildings these hard floor covering can create concerns regarding noise and disturbance to fellow neighbours.   Hard floor surfaces can change the noise environment in your downstairs neighbour's home quite significantly, resulting in an adverse effect on the enjoyment of their property.

apartment-buildingABS West provide a number of specifically designed systems comprising of a high quality Regupol® recycled rubber acoustic underlays and our approved Regupol® adhesives to reduce the impact of footfall noise under a broad range of hard floor coverings.

At ABS West we know we have the right products for the job, but more so we have the right systems that are fit for purpose. We use quality Regupol® products that make us stand out in our industry.

  • Testing - acoustically, the Regupol® systems are proven to perform and we have tested both in the laboratory and continually in the field.
  • Compatible - each system is designed to meet the relevant building and flooring standards for tiling, resilient, screed and timber flooring.
  • Price and Service - we offer value added pricing which is backed by great service from the ABS West team.

Regupol® have put together a step by step enquiry form for all strata enquiries. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  today to receive our comprehensive step-by-step enquiry form.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Comfort and Protection

In addition to highly effective sound insulation, Regupol® acoustic underlays enhance walking and living comfort, while also reducing premature wear to the floor covering by shock and impact. When employed beneath soft floor coverings such as PVC or carpet, Regupol® impact sound products improve the resilience of floor coverings, particularly in heavy use areas that are prone to forming worn pathways.  Regupol® acoustic underlays offer both sound and thermal insulation, while increasing walking comfort.  Protection is provided both to the floor covering and the sub-base.

Compliance and Testing

Regupol Acoustic Underlays have been tested and comply with standards as set out by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Read more about these standards

Customized Solutions

ABS West can offer customized solutions in direct, one-on-one consultation with the customer.