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The REGUPOL Acoustic Underlay section on our website has had a fresh makeover.

Following recent name changes for all REGUPOL acoustic underlay products, along with the publication of new brochures; we felt it was time to give our underlay section a bit of a facelift.  

The new pages contain tech data sheets, test reports and detailed product information for an extensive range of underlay varieties suitable for use under timber, laminate, tiles, marble, vinyl, screed and many other types of floor surface.  

You can find the new section at: https://www.abswest.com.au/index.php/products/flooring-and-underlay/acoustic-underlay/ 

EASY Reference Guide 
for the Product Name Changes:


REGUPOL 5512 5mm is now REGUPOL sonus core 5

REGUPOL 6010 10mm is now REGUPOL sonus core 10-s

REGUPOL 4515-S 3mm is now REGUPOL sonus multi 3

REGUPOL 4515 4.5 is now REGUPOL sonus multi 4.5

REGUPOL 6015 6/3mm is now REGUPOL sonus curve 6

REGUPOL 6010 8/4 is now REGUPOL sonus curve 8

REGUPOL 6010 17/8 is now REGUPOL sonus curve 17

REGUPOL K225 5mm is now REGUPOL sonus eco 5

REGUPOL comfort is a new product with no former name


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