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The flooring pictured above is REGUPOL everroll Gym Flooring at Sista Fitness in Midland.

Sista Fitness made a smart choice when they selected REGUPOL everroll flooring, because the product excels in a number of ways including:

  • Aesthetics
  • Performance
  • Longevity 
  • Reliability

…but, there is one aspect in particular we would like to highlight in this post, and that aspect is point load.  Look at the weight-machine above and imagine the concentrated pressure the weights channel towards each base point.   This pressure transfers to the flooring surface.

Imagine if the flooring lacked adequate point-load capacity.  It wouldn’t take long for the weight machines to start doing damage to the floor covering and potentially the substrate. 

REGUPOL everroll (8mm and 12mm thick) is able to handle significant point loads because it’s a tough, non-laminated homogeneous product, meaning the surface wear layer is continuous for the whole life of the product.  

REGUPOL everroll flooring (8mm or 12mm thick) is designed to handle machines incorporating weights of up to 120kg, and that is one of the reasons why REGUPOL everroll is such a popular choice in gyms worldwide. 

Besides an impressive point load capacity, there are many other reasons behind the enduring popularity of REGUPOL everroll flooring products.  Take a look at the Sista Fitness project, to discover some of those reasons: 


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