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image-cover-entrance-flooring-ebook-with-labelThe entrance to a building should be safe, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Quality entrance mats play an important role in achieving these objectives. Entrance mats remove moisture and dirt from foot traffic and wheeled vehicles such as trollies, prams and wheel chairs. Entrance matting significantly reduces the chance of slip and trip incidents when entering a building. Entrance mats also provide protection to the interior floor covering, while minimizing internal cleaning costs. Additionally, the mats prevent dirt migrating from soiled areas to clean areas, for example from factory areas to office areas. 

ABS West supplies a range of entrance mats for both internal and external entry areas, with tailored solutions available for every project and budget.  Our entry matting is suitable for industrial and commercial applications, ranging from moderate to very high traffic zones.  ABS West can offer recessed or surface mounted options as well as products with high rolling load capacities, for areas such as hospitals or transport terminals.  Explore both the Pedisystems and Floorometry to discover the best products suitable for your application, or contact ABS West to discuss your requirements.

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The Floorometry products are the ultimate in entrance matting in terms of aesthetics and performance.  Floorometry offers designers and architects maximum aesthetics and exceptional performance in combination with easy installation and maintenance. This revolutionary product is available in four completely unique floor systems with a multitude of impressive surface options, dramatically different to any other entrance matting available on the market today.  Floorometry is manufactured in 18 x 18 tiles.

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Guaranteed to make a good first impression, the new Floormations Entrance Matting System combines the practicality of high quality entrance mat or grid with a broad range of elegant designs to enhance and complement lobby areas.  Floormations' eight standard pattern designs can be scaled up or down to fit the space.

Floormations provides the creative freedom to mix and match insert colourways, along with the ability to incorporate client logos and company branding, which can result in dramatic and unique entrances.

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