Gym Rubber Matting

Product Details

everroll® puzzletile is an exciting new addition to the everroll® collection, it was designed for use in home gym applications and for personal trainers needing a portable floor.
everroll® puzzletile is suitable for loose laid applications and takes minimal time to install.
everroll® puzzletile is stocked in everroll® classic Berlin 6mm, with other colours, designs and thicknesses from the everroll® collection available.

Technical Details

Coverage: approx 570 x 570 mm (0.325m²)
Outer dimensions: approx 600 x 600 mm

Thickness: 6 - 10 mm

Material Composition: Polyurethane, recycled rubber, synthetic EPDM rubber.


everroll-commercial-thumb-image190x266  everroll-fitness-thumb-image190x266  everroll-shades-of-grey-thumb-image190x266




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