Playground Regupol Safety Tiles MS

Identical to the FX Rubber Pavers in regards to material composition, shape and colour, Regupol elastic tiles have the same high quality without the tested impact protection characteristics. Regupol Rubber Pavers significantly reduce noise from bouncing and are robust and durable. Regupol Rubber Pavers are available in 1,000 x 500mm.


PUR-bonded rubber fibres, solid colour.


Two-layer structure with compacted heavy-duty top layer and soft basic layer for fall protection; underside with drainage and cable grooves; false join every 500mm on the top.


Single layer construction of compressed, highly resilient material. Underside with drainage and cable channels, dowel holes on sides, dummy joint on upper surface with 500mm (only tile size 1,000 x 500mm)

On concrete or compressed stones; 15 and 22mm only to be bonded to concrete.


Terracotta, Black, other colours available on request ie. Green


Play areas, various sport and leisure areas.

Product  Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg/m²)   Standard AS/NZS:4422-1996
MS43     1,000 x 500 x 43     approx. 35          Approved 1.1m
MS22     1,000 x 500 x 22     approx. 18          Approved 0.6m
MS15     1,000 x 500 x 15     approx. 12          Not tested to this standard

Length/Width +/-1%
Thickness +/-2mm

Advantages of Regupol falling protection and elastic products

Reliable, uniform falling protection, non-slip properties
Low-priced, economical
Long-life, durable, weather-resistant
Hygienic, low-maintenance, easy to clean
Permeable to water, quick to dry
Varied design and application possibilities
Environmentally friendly
Quick to install, quick to remove again
Comprehensive before and after sales service




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