Playground Regupol Safety Tile FX



PUR-bonded rubber fibres, dyed.


Two-layer structure with compacted heavy-duty top layer and soft basic layer for fall protection; underside with drainage and cable grooves, false join every 500 mm on the top.

Regupol anti-stumble edging is used for creating a safe edging to areas where fall protection and elastic tiles have been fitted. Their slope prevents any stumbling accidents at the edges of the fall protection areas. They are available in different heights according to the heights of our tiles.


Adhered to substrate ie timber / concrete.






1.000x500x50mm  approx. 29kg/m² 

Basic layer Black, top layer Brick
Red. Other colours on request ie Green, Black.


1.000x500x75mm approx. 39kg/m² 

Basic layer Black, top layer Brick
Red. Other colours on request ie Green, Black.


Tolerances: Length/Width +/- 1 %
                    Thickness      +/- 2 mm

Advantages of Regupol falling protection and elastic products

  • Reliable, uniform falling protection, non-slip properties
  • Low-priced, economical
  • Long-life, durable, weather-resistant
  • Hygienic, low-maintenance, easy to clean
  • Permeable to water, quick to dry
  • Varied design and application possibilities
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick to install, quick to remove again
  • Comprehensive pre- and after-sales service



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