Playground Regupol Safety Tile EPDM

PUR-bonded rubber fibres, coloured EPDM granulate , PUR-bonded

Two-layer structure with compacted heavy-duty effective EPDM layer approx. 11 mm thick and soft basic layer for fall protection; underside with drainage and cable grooves; edges with plug holes, false join every 500 mm on the top. Underside with drainage grooves.

On concrete, asphalt or a compacted crushed stone bed.


Please refer to page 17 of the Impact Protection brochure.

Dimensions  Weight 
Safety Tile 1.000 x 500 x 30 mm  approx. 24 kg/m² 
Safety Tile 1.000 x 500 x 50 mm   approx. 29 kg/m²
Safety Tile 1.000 x 500 x 75 mm   approx. 39 kg/m²

Orders exceeding 100m² can choose from all colours available.

Lead time applies for delivery

Tolerances : Length / Width +/- 1 %
                   Thickness         +/- 2 mm

Advantages of Regupol falling protection and elastic products

  • Reliable, uniform falling protection, non-slip properties
  • Low-priced, economical
  • Long-life, durable, weather-resistant
  • Hygienic, low-maintenance, easy to clean
  • Sound-proofing
  • Permeable to water, quick to dry
  • Varied design and application possibilities
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick to install, quick to remove again
  • Comprehensive pre- and after-sales service




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