Impact Protection Surfaces


Impact Protection for Injury Prone Areas

Injury prone areas such as playgrounds, gym/fitness zones, day care centres and aged care facilities require special impact protection surfaces to safeguard users against injury when accidents occur.  ABS West supplies Regupol impact protection products, a brand synonymous with quality, durability and safety.

Ensuring Safety in Playgrounds 

Ensuring the safety of children during play activities is crucial.  ABS West's impact protection products help to protect children from injury if they fall from a height or stumble while playing. Planners and playground operators need surfaces they can trust to provide impact protection for all playground users. The FX Tile is suitable for fall heights of up to 3 meters.

Why Choose Rubber over Sand or Mulch?

With rubber, there is no spread of loose material to surrounding areas.  Sand and mulch filters into footwear and gets transported indoors, creating mess and slip hazards.   Loose-fill can hide objects such as glass, hypodermic syringes and other hazards.  Animal fouling is clearly visible and easily removed from the surface. Also, attractive patterns and colour contrasts can be achieved with rubber.  Another drawback with loose-fill, is the requirement for regular top-ups and replacement which adds to the long term cost.



Avoid Low-grade Alternatives

When selecting impact protection surfaces, it's important to avoid low-grade options. The initial  lower price tag can seem appealing but the longer term costs are greater when replacement is required due to fading, loss of shape and insufficient impact protection.

Elasticity, slip-resistance, impact protection and sound absorbency are only a few of the factors that define the difference between quality products and their inferior alternatives.

Safety Tested Products 

Regupol impact protection materials are subject to constant quality monitoring. Rubber particles are bonded using a polyurethane bonding agent, compacted and compressed into Regupol tiles. Crucial to our impact protection products are fibres of a particular length and strength which guarantee a high degree of resilience and durability (because fibres interlock during the mixing process).  Lab testing at regular intervals ensures that quality remains consistent.  Testing is carried out in Germany at one of the most modern facilities in the world.

AS/NZS 4422:1996 tested and certified Regupol impact protection surfaces offer reliable safety in playgrounds, outdoor activity areas and educational institutions.  The durability of our playground surfaces mean that playground maintenance is minimized, resulting in reduced long-term costs.

  • Manufactured from non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, recycled components.
  • PUR-bonded rubber fibres.
  • Dual-layer construction

1.  Base Layer: soft base layer for fall protection.

2.  Top Layer: compacted heavy duty wear layer.

climbing-frameColours and Designs

Regupol® playground surfaces are available in a variety of designs, allowing highly customized solutions, suitable for any situation. 

Renowned Worldwide

The Regupol® playground surfaces have been applied to thousands of playgrounds, activity and recreational areas and small sports pitches around the world. 


Tested for Heavy Metals

Regupol® safety surfacing is independently tested for heavy metals by "Chemo-Test" Test Institute, meaning there are no concerns regarding contamination from arsenic and heavy metals.  The materials used to manufacture Regupol safety surfaces are subject to constant monitoring.  Regupol® impact protection floors are tested and comply in accordance with the standard DIN EN 1177. 










Rubber tiles can be installed by a novice or a professional.



Pour-on rubber must be installed by trained personnel only.



Being a pre-fabricated modular system there is no requirement for on-site mixing.  Following ground preparation, tiles are simply laid in place.



Onsite mixing requires specialised equipment to be brought to location.  This equipment needs to be operated by trained professionals.


Replacement of Vandalised Sections


The real advantage of a modular system is that any vandalised sections can be removed easily and replaced with new sections.



Replacing damaged or vandalised sections of pour-on rubber poses greater difficulty due to the continuous surface area.  Replacing whole sections requires trained personnel to return with their specialized equipment.


Surface Levels  

As long as the ground is prepared adequately, a level surface is guaranteed as Regupol tiles are manufactured to consistent thicknesses.



Pour-on rubber does not guarantee an even surface.  It does not self-level so it needs to be spread manually, sometimes resulting in minor undulations.


Impact Protection  

Installing Regupol tiles means you are guaranteed the necessary impact protection values.  As tiles are pre-fabricated and tested in accordance with international standards, you know that the finished product will provide the impact protection you require.



Less consistency in the finished product translates to less consistency in relation to impact protection properties.  It is difficult to maintain an even thickness when applying pour-on rubber, meaning impact protection values cannot be tested or guaranteed.


Pooling Water  

An even top surface eliminates water pooling from reticulation and rain showers.



Water from reticulation and rain showers can pool in uneven areas.


Setting time  

With tiles there is no setting time.  Once installed, they are ready for immediate use.



Pour-on rubber needs time to set following installation, resulting in delayed use.




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