Regupol® - Elastic Tile E



ONLY $63 / m2 incl. GST

Ideal for Gyms, Fitness Centres and Weight Rooms

Regupol® Elastic Tile E offers good shock absorbency in heavy use areas such as gyms or weight rooms, and is an excellent rubber matting alternative for underneath gym equipment.

The tile's impact sound absorption characteristics substantially reduce impact noise from balls, weights and footfall. The durability of this product makes it particularly appropriate for high impact environments with heavy weights. 


Elastic Tile E is installed easily over screed, asphalt or other subfloors. Surface irregularities, that can occur as a result of heavy use, are minimized considerably when Regupol® Elastic Tiles are installed. 

Quality Material

Regupol® elastic tiles are made from the highest grade components and do not exhibit the premature degradation of the wear layer or emit noxious odours associated with lesser quality rubber tiles.


Lines or markings can be applied easily to the tiles using permanently stable PUR paints. 


Elastic Tile E comprises of a single layer consisting of compacted, heavy duty material.  The tile has a false joint on top at 500mm.  


1,000 x 500 x 15mm


PUR bonded fibres or granules.




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