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From the history books to the walls of GenesisCare, old images are on display for all to see.  Taken from local history book “Everyone’s a Hero” by Roz Davies, the selected images have been digitally reproduced and embedded into Acrovyn by Design®, an extremely robust wall protection.

It’s a great idea for a high-use, hygiene sensitive area situated within the entranceway to a medical facility.  Acrovyn by Design® will protect the walls and the images well into the future.  The bespoke image composition was designed by Balance Commercial Fit Out, a WA based construction company that specializes in healthcare and oncology.

To read more about the project, including the practical benefits of Acrovyn by Design®, while learning more about the construction company behind the idea, please visit our project page: https://www.abswest.com.au/index.php/project/custom-wall-protection-imagery-abd-genesiscare/ 


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