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Coronavirus has had a swift and dramatic effect on our way-of-life.  In our new world of social distancing and amenity shutdowns, we all need to find new ways of alleviating boredom and keeping ourselves fit. One of the best antidotes to both of these problems is to exercise at home.


Exercising at home can be carried out at many different levels from simple workouts using roll-out exercise mats, to more elaborate regimes, depending on your available space and equipment.   Regardless of how simple or elaborate our individual setup is, the most important thing for those who are physically able, is to incorporate at least some exercise into our daily lives.  Exercising is one of the most beneficial activities we can do for our physical and mental well-being.

You can source relatively inexpensive items such as dumbbells, mats and resistance bands from places such as Kmart, Target and Rebel Sports.  You can even use existing household items as makeshift weights. 


For some, gym workouts are an integral (even essential) part of daily life, and the prospect of being banished from the local gym is daunting.   For those who are lucky enough to have available space, setting up a home gym could be one of the best ways to avoid dwindling fitness levels and excruciating boredom.  

Perhaps you have a spare room or some garage space that could be turned into a workout zone.  A basic collection of the right equipment could provide enough opportunities to maintain aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels.  


Whatever level you take it to, just remember to protect your floor against damage from weights and cardio equipment.  Similarly, be sure to protect your joints and tendons by performing workouts on an a surface with adequate cushioning.  We are used to having these issues catered for when we attend commercial gyms, so it’s easy to overlook them.  Rubber gym flooring can provide protection for your body and your floor.

Some of the best gym flooring surfaces include REGUPOL and everroll®, which have been used extensively in Australia and worldwide for decades.  These gym flooring surfaces have many attributes that make them ideal for both commercial and private gym use.  They perform incredibly well, last a long time and help to absorb impact sound.  REGUPOL and everroll® are low-odour in comparison to many counterpart products, especially some cheap overseas imports (odour levels being an important consideration for home-gyms).

The best part is, they are easy to cut-to-size so they can be made to fit perfectly into your available space. 

SO, if you’ve got the space and the time, think about setting up a home gym, whether it’s big, small or somewhere in-between.   



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